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A Respected Journalist On Why College Hockey Is a Big Winner From These Olympics

OK, so it’s just me. Same thing.

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  1. Paolo X
    March 2, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    Fine article Fetch! I agree by the facts you present that college hockey would be on the upswing and taking some Canadian talent share seriously away from the three major Canadian-based junior leagues for a few years.

    However how many Canadians played college hockey in the US, which for them is sometimes stigmatised as opposed to selecting development in the junior ranks? Perhaps any such stigma will erode as well.

    And do any fine US players play in those Canadian-based junior leagues, or is that just plain very rare?

    I’m all for improvement to US college hockey for sake of another college sport to watch down the road and to heck with lame-ass college basketball when you have dudes playing like that stickman from Vandy whom you posted on that other site.

    Also I wish the NCAA would impose a limit on the number of foreign players on the ice just as Canada does in the CFL so that USA Hockey can develop its game just as every other nation does on its own in not just hockey.

    I’m still working on getting back into NHL hockey and will give it another go this weekend, but I hate the common interruptions and goon insertions and prefer the international rules and rink when the latter is used.

    And then there are those bojack douchebag loser Philly fans for most any sport too, often the worst in the country as far as conduct and game knowledge.

    • March 2, 2010 at 10:46 pm


      Quite a few guys play in Canadian juniors, but the number of guys who go from high school to the USHL to college hockey has skyrocketed. I am assuming this is at least in part due to more players coming from places like Texas and California.

      For example, Jonathan Toews came from Canada to play college hockey in North Dakota, which never would have happened 10ish years ago.

      It used to be a huge stigma to overcome for the Canadian guys who came down here, but not so much anymore.

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