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Day 7 Open Thread

After the rough couple days he's had, don't be surprised if John Shuster looks a little hungover this morning.

Before we get to Day 7 action, a quick look at the medal count:

By virtue of winning as many medals last night as they did during the entire 1988 Calgary Olympics, the United States is back on top with 14 medals. The United States also has the most Golds with 5.

On their tail is Germany with 10 medals, followed by France with 7 and Canada with 6. Korea, Austria and Norway have 5 each. Germany, Korea and Switzerland each have 3 Golds.

Today in the Olympics, the US men’s curling team features a must win coming up at 11 AM on USA network. John Shuster’s rink had 3 shots to win 2 matches in the last two days, and missed them all. Tough break, but as they are a young team this is mainly a learning experience for a possible return trip in 2014.

At 2 oclock on USA, The US men’s hockey team tries to go 2-0 in pool play when they take on Norway.

At the same time on NBC, Kelly Clark, Hannah Teter and Gretchen Bleiler all try to advance in women’s halfpipe.

At 4 on CNBC, the US women’s curling team tries to avoid going 0-3, and on MSNBC at 4:30 (both times Central) the US women’s hockey team looks to win its pool.

11:21 – US steals in the first end, lead 1-0

12:22 – Just caught an interview with I believe the brother of US Alternate Chris Plys, who has brain cancer (the brother that is). Yet he is still painted up and banging on a cowbell. Good for him.

12:28 – The United States has a great chance for 3 here. Can’t wait to see how they screw it up.

12:33 – John Shuster apparently enjoys carbs. Thanks for that, USA Network.

12:34 – Shuster with a free draw, and the United States takes a 5-3 lead, scoring 2 in that end.

12:49 Check out this video of Sven Kramer asking an NBC reporter if she’s stupid.

1:23 – Shuster misses another big shot. Shocking.

1:39 – Shuster’d again. Going into the 10th, the US is up by 1.

1:53 – Yet another extra end for the US

2:11 – Shuster blows his easiest shot yet

2:12 – Phil Kessel makes it 1-0 US over Norway.

2:42 – After 1 it’s 2-0 US. Goals from Kessel and Chris Drury.

3:02 – Patrick Kane makes it 3-0 US. Great play by Zach Parise to get the puck on net.

3:09 – Norway scores a shorthanded goal. 3-1 United States

5:36 – Sorry about that folks, it appears WordPress is down. Quick updates:

The US leads Finland 4-0 midway through the 2nd period in women’s hockey

In women’s curling, the US leads Denmark 4-2 in the 6th end. Denmark has the hammer.

5:41 – Norway just won its 100th and 101st Gold medals, the first country to do so in the Winter olympics

5:56 – Uh, Denmark just stole 3, and lead 6-4. We suck.

6:16 – We only get one with the hammer. Russia conceded to Britain as Britain wins 10-3

6:46 – And the US loses. Again.

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  1. Paolo X
    February 18, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    12:33 – John Shuster apparently enjoys carbs. Thanks for that, USA Network.

    Help him out Fetch — not for yourself or for him but for country.

    I told you he was any one of a bowling alley veteran, dropout, or graduate. Was it nachos, a hot dog, a doughnut, fries, or a pastry this time? Did he have spillage on his USA shirt again? A beer with it too?

    And what the heck is that a gold or bronze medal? From when?

  2. Paolo X
    February 18, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    At 4 on CNBC, the US women’s curling team tries to avoid going 0-3, and on MSNBC at 4:30 (both times Central) the US women’s hockey team looks to win its pool

    The presumptious Andrea Kremer, who does a decent job with the NFL otherwise, had this coming and is lucky Kramer didn’t just deliver also a high hard one doggie style. She should have prefaced her commentary, but now apparently she needs a severe attitude adjustment after coming off as an arrogant American.

    The Dutch journalist tried to explain to provide cover, but Kramer would have none of it and good for him. Now I say go Sven if Shani Davis can’t win.

    Kremer meant no offence (British spelling for Canada boo-yah!) of course, but yet again she came across as the ugly condescending American tourist and deserved it for her lack of professionalism. It’s the Olympics babe not the NFL, so educate yourself to be far more worldly and diplomatic instead of perhaps spending so much time shopping or whatever. A fuckin’ East Coast ninnie struck again and still has not gotten what she really deserved.

    • February 18, 2010 at 1:30 pm

      Fortunately Kramer’s only race left is the 10,000, which Shani Davis isn’t entered in. So you can cheer for both 🙂

      And I agree, it reflects bad on America to look so stupid.

  3. Paolo X
    February 18, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    Fetch, late but breaking news, did you see this in downhill skiing yet? Stunning! No worries not a competitive or medal spoiler:


    See you in a few hours I have to get ready for work, where I will see you more than likely with the prime-time coverage.

  4. Paolo X
    February 18, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    Test post …there it is Fetch I fixed it Iguess … 😛

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