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Rugby, Golf Up For 2016 Vote

Baseball, softball and two others were rejected for the 2016 vote, and instead next month the IOC will vote on whether to accept rugby and golf as olympic sports. Helping golf’s case was Tiger Woods and other notable golfers saying they would play in the Olympics if golf was accepted on the program. Golf would propose a 72 hole stroke play competition for both men and women. The top 15 players in the world would automatically qualify, with competitions set up for other qualifiers.

Rugby would be featured as rugby sevens, a quicker and faster paced game than the standard game, which has 15 players to a side. In this scenario the Rugby governing board would axe the Rugby Sevens World Cup to ensure that the Olympic games are the most prestigious tournament on the program. The vote, taking place in October, requires a majority to get rugby or golf into the Olympic program.

Baseball failed its bid, even though it had offered a shortened 5 day, 8 team tournament designed to bring top Major League Baseball stars over for the tournament. Famous softball pitcher Jennie Finch said she was “severely disheartened and disappointed by the IOC’s vote not to put softball back in the Olympics for 2016” via her Twitter.

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