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Bob Bowman Is A Whiner. And Selfish.

After the rematch of the 100m butterfly, Milorad Cavic had a great idea: Since there is no major international competition in 2010, it would be a long wait to see Phelps-Cavic III, which would probably take place at the 2011 worlds in Shanghai, China. To get around this, Cavic proposed a duel between he and Phelps. “I think for the promotion of swimming it would be wonderful if he and I could organize a duel, just a one-on-one,” he said “It would be a lot of fun. He is known as the promoter of swimming and we do need to bring this sport up to a higher level.” While swimming will probably never reach the popularity of major sports in America, for one day Cavic-Phelps II was one of the most talked about stories on ESPNEWS, and in a non-olympic year to boot. Naturally, Phelps and his coach Bob Bowman would be interested in raising swimming’s profile, right?
“We go to lots of meets,” Bowman said. “They can come to any of the meets we go to.”

Really? So instead of having a duel at a neutral site (Cavic’s agent suggested Dubai) you’re going to keep plodding along in the same schedule. Cavic also suggested getting the top 2 people at every 50m and 100m stroke and letting them duel it out. I think it should even be expanded. Why not see Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, the 2 best swimmers in the world, go at it in the IM? Why not see a France-US rematch in the 4X100m freestyle relay? Why not see if another country can knock of the US in the medley relay? But Bob Bowman only sees what is best for him, not for his sport. Bowman also threatened to hold Phelps out of events until the new controversial suits were banned. As a result, the ban was moved up to January 1, 2010. Rather than put Phelps in these events and test him even further, Bowman took the crybaby route and tried to hold the sport’s star attraction out of meets, which would only diminish the sport’s profile.

Although I was cheering for Phelps and was glad he beat Cavic, this time at least Cavic came across better in defeat than Phelps’s camp did in victory.

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